M-Ubuntu uses inexpensive, low-threshold mobile phone technologies to empower teachers to address Africa’s literacy crisis.


M-Ubuntu applies the Zulu concept of Ubuntu - best translated as "I am because we are." to this challenge. At the heart of the project are several teams of reform- minded principals, teachers, volunteers and their enthusiastic learners.

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M-Ubuntu Pedagogy

  • Capture, Analyze

    ANALYZE PHENOMENA: At one of our schools (as seems to be a very creative alternative at many South African schools serving poor low-income communities), in Mafikeng, primary school learners and parent volunteers tend the school's  garden. The garden provides healthy produce to supplement  a meagre government lunch program - and provide a 2nd nutritious meal to Read More
  • Assist, Connect

    ASSIST: South Africa's over-sized classes do not need to be a hindrance to learning any longer. A carefully planned lesson could include positioning learners in small groups in the class changing the learning area into workstations. Ten mobile phones could serve as one of the Read More
  • Review, Prepare

    REVIEW The power of data in multimedia form lies in the possibility for the student to review acquired knowledge, skills and understanding. In South African high schools, especially given the current pressure on high stakes final exams, students in the M-Ubuntu project speak freely Read More
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